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Mini-Z Virtual Reality Racing

A revolutionary video game to feel the experience of radio control the Mini-Z cars in Virtual Reality for Android mobile

1 372  EUR

committed on a goal of €15 000

  • 9%funded
  • 31supporters

Updated: Since many of you have asked for it, the link to Google Play is already available, where the preview that Luis Quiza or Robert Batlle tested the day of the presentation with the VR glasses.

How can you try the videogame demo? Very easy!

Click on the button below:

Mini-Z is the name of a popular line of 1:27 scale electric radio controlled cars manufactured by Kyosho Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of several radio controlled devices where the models are very detailed, realistic-looking.

Can you imagine joining Radio Control and Virtual Reality to create an immersive experience in which you can become a professional Mini-Z racer without leaving your home?

Mini-Z Virtual Reality Racing is a video game for mobiles that provides a revolutionary experience for the Mini-Z lovers and for the driving video game players: it is our commitment to unite both, and enjoy the excitement of Radio Control hobby with this new formula.

You only need a Android 6 (minimum version) phone, some VR glasses (even with the cardboard works) and one Xbox or Playstation controller. In addition, for radio control fans, if you already have your RC transmitter you will be able to live the complete experience using our device rp_USB included in the Standard Pack rewards and above. You can also acquire the rp_USB device and the RC transmitter in the Excellence Pack rewards, starting € 100 to get the most complete experience.

At Technical Racing Products we have more than 19 years of experience competing, manufacturing and distributing everything related to the world of Radio Control cars. Now we take another step and have designed a video game with which - as a Mini-Z fans - we would love to play. We carry out this crowdfunding campaign so that you, and everyone, can help us to turn it into reality. In addition, we have created different improved versions of the game, which will be unlocked depending on the amount we will get in the campaign (you can see it below in the section 'stretch goals').

The racers and champions of this RC category, such as David Moret and Uri Valdé, has tried this VR Experience and this is what they think:

Reasons to play Mini-Z VR Racing

  • Because it's fun living a complete experience similar to the real one as if you were racing on driver's podium, using the same transmitter that are used in radio control competition.

  • For realism, cause 3D models are taken from real models as well as the tracks, respecting the proportions of real life.

  • For its playability, cause we have thought about different types of competition situations and scenarios that you could not find in real RC tracks.
  • For your confort, play from your home using your Playstation or Xbox controllers, although we advise you to live a complete experience by start making your first steps using the RC Transmitters.
  • For its quality, since 1999 TRP is dedicated to Radio Control Hobby, as a manufacturer, distributor, RC races and events organizer and online sales.

And all this at a very affordable price for any pocket.

What does this version of Mini-Z Virtual Reality Racing include?

  • 1 car (Megane) and a circuit
  • Free practice (fast lap record)
  • TRP official online ranking to record your time.
  • Ghost mode to improve your lap times.

Race your virtual Mini-Z car reaching a new level of extreme immersion thanks to Virtual Reality. Become a professional Radio Control racer in free practice driving your Megane Mini-Z from the drivers podium, get your best times, make fast turns and become the number 1 in the Official TRP Virtual Ranking.

Even so, we know that we can - and want - to do better, so we propose several improved versions of the game. If we achieve the initial goal of € 15,000 we can do this version, but we do not settle for it and we want to produce the Mode Arcade, Circuit Pack, Setup Car and Multiplayer versions. Help us by sharing the project with more people! Here we explain the details of each version:

Arcade Mode

You could not miss the "hooligan" version of the video game, where you'll have to test your nerves. Random changes of track layout and objects that fall in the track randomly in every turn, bonus for times, meteorological effects like rain, snow, fog, lightning. Do you dare to drive a Mini-Z car in these conditions?


Pack circuits and cars

Do you think you've seen it all in Mini-Z circuits? Pilot at night, participate in spectacular sand circuits and choose from a wide variety of car models.



Setup Car

Choose between different manufacturers settings to improve your times, it's time to know how good you are to choose your winning car setup.

Buy the physical version at our store (includes the virtual version of the game) or the virtual version only and get discounts for physics.


Muliplayer Online

Compete against other pilots from around the world, in virtual championships and dare with the new Overtake and Elimination competition modes (only for experts).

Share your best race with your friends or just be an spectator and be amaze watching the world champions racing.


The rewards that we propose are very varied (packs) and are designed for both, the gamers and the Radio Control fans. We have two limited rewards to be able to be beta testers and to check first hand the preliminary versions, without forgetting two Early Bird rewards for the fastest ones while we will receive your invaluable feedbacks.


Within the video game we have enabled certain spaces to fill with advertising to anyone who wants to make promotion at very affordable prices. The prices vary according to the visibility of the ad. The ads  will appear sequentially in a proportion of 1/10 and they will be visible a whole year.

General map of advertising situation in game

Display marker (1 space) - € 25

Your ad will appear in one of the 6 spaces available on the scoreboard. Normally the player will see the publicity when he has to see his times. Each space has a price of 25 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility you will have in the video game.

Track protections- € 30

Your ad will appear on some of the tracks' protections while the player is racing. The price is 30 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility you will have in the video game.

Crono Bridge - € 50

Your ad will appear on the circuit's lap counter bridge while the player is driving. At the start of the race and in the replays the visibility will be high. The price is 50 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility you will have in the video game.

Vertical Banderole - € 60

Your announcement will appear on the vertical banner that you choose numbered from 1 to 4. The banners are at the ends so they will be visible when the player moves his head when driving the Mini-Z car. Each banner has a price of 60 euros

In the following video you can see the visibility that each banderole will have in the videogame.

Zeppelin - 75€

Your announcement will appear on the rotary Zeppelin located on the right side of the track stage. Being a moving object, it attracts more attention and is visible at all times. The ad in the Zeppelin has a price of 75 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility you have in the video game.

Billboard Circuit - 75€

His announcement will be visible in the fences arranged around the circuit, two lateral and one central. They have been named as A, B, and C, and they are being repeated 5 times for greater visibility. Each billboard with its 5 repetitions has a price of 75 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility they have in the video game.

Roof flags - 90€

His announcement will be visible in one of the flags hung on the roof of the circuit numbered from 1 to 4 being visible to the player at all times. Each flag has a price of 90 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility they have in the video game.

Wall posters - 250€

Your announcement will be visible in the background posters distributed from left to right, having 4 places to choose (left, center left, center right and right), where the ads are most visible by their situation and size. Each poster has a price of 90 euros.

In the following video you can see the visibility they have in the video game.

HUD Crono (Quick Return Title - Chyron) - € 400

Your logo will be visible in the lower part (professionally called Cairon) of the video game when a fast lap is made, as a sponsor. The HUD Chrono has a price of 400 euros. (only 1 sponsor)

In the following video you can see the visibility they have in the game:

Pack Manufacturer chasis - € 2.500

Directed to manufacturers such as Kyosho, Jomurema, Atomic BZ, Atomic amz, GLA, PN Racing, Ground Zero SZ, X-Power, Mini Q, and others, who wants to leave its chassis into the game.

In the following video you can see the visibility they have in the game:


  • Marker Display Space 1 - 25 €
  • Marker Display Space 2 - € 25
  • Marker Display Space 3 - € 25
  • Marker Display Space 4 - 25 €
  • Marker Display Space 5 - 25 €
  • Marker Display Space 6 - 25 €
  • RCP track protection - € 30
  • Crono Bridge - 50€
  • Vertical Banderole 1 - 60€
  • Vertical Banderole 2 - 60€
  • Vertical Banderole 3 - 60€
  • Vertical Banderole 4 - 60€
  • Billboard Position A - 75€
  • Billboard Position B - 75€
  • Billboard Position C - 75€
  • Zeppelin - 75€
  • Roof flag 1 - 90€
  • Roof flag 2 - 90€
  • Roof flag 3 - 90€
  • Roof flag 4 - 90€
  • Wall poster left - 150€
  • Wall poster center left - 150€
  • Wall poster center right  - 150€
  • Wall poster right - 150€
  • Hud Crono - 400€
  • Pack manufacturer chasis - 2.500€

What are the fund for?

The world of Radio Control has evolved over the years and new technologies allow us to create unique experiences to enter a new dimension.

Mini-Z VR Racing offers fans of this great hobby the opportunity to experience something totally complementary and innovative while we introduce the Mini-Z to the large audience of video game fans, transferring part of the emotions and sensations experienced by a pilot of Mini-Z.

We have started the production of the game and we want you to be part of it - of the creation process and to decide the outcome of this new adventure that we have created. We have shown you the first part of the game that we have developed now depends on you, that you involve yourself and collaborate to make it a reality.

Below you will find the details of how we will allocate the initial financing of € 15,000.

Creating new circuits, multiple cars and track layouts, multiplayer mode, among others, requires a much larger effort and that is why we have created the Stretch Goals, to be able to improve the game and add it with each new contributor who joins the campaign . Share this project with your amateur radio control friends and make the Multiplayer Online version possible among all!

About the project owner

Within the wide world of radio control, Technical Racing Product is specialized in the so-called mini and micro scales (1/18, 1/28, 1/16 scale, etc.). With the vocation to make this discipline known, TRP organizes and promotes a series of exhibition and championship races, which are held throughout the Spanish and Portuguese geography, generally within fairgrounds, shopping centers and sports halls.

With this release we entered a new era, that of immersive radio control thanks to virtual reality and therefore in the team, part of the members of the indie studio of videogames GKT Studios Entertainment specializes in the creation of video games of Virtual Reality.

Together we have created 'Mini-Z Virtual Reality Racing', a game that combines the experience to control a RC car with the virtual reality. The game that we, as mini-Z fans, and our children would love to play, so now we want you to be part of this great race!

You can know more about us on social networks: